Did you know that 65% of people
are sleep deprived? Are you?

Most students and adults are sleep deprived, causing marked reduction in their productivity, concentration and quality of work, as well as an increase in moodiness, stress, accidents, illness and shortened life span.    


Several leading Fortune 500 companies and professional associations, as well as professional sports teams,  are learning that it is neither “macho” nor smart to operate on less than the required amount of sleep; in fact, recent medical research proves that sleep deprivation literally “makes you stupid, clumsy, stressed out, unhealthy and will shorten your life.”


To be a peak performer you need to be fully alert, dynamic, energetic, in a good mood, and cognitively sharp. You must be able to concentrate, remember, make critical and creative decisions, communicate persuasively, and be productive all day long. None of this is possible without quality sleep. Furthermore, healthy sleep has been proven to be the single most important determinant in predicting longevity. It is more influential than diet, exercise or heredity-but our modern culture has become a study in sleep deprivation. We must learn to value sleep, yet most of us know very little about the incredibly varied activity that occurs during the course of each night, and how it affects health, happiness and performance.

  • Why are most students and adults sleep deprived and what are the serious consequences for thinking,       performance, health and lifespan?
  • What are the five different stages of nocturnal sleep and how important are they to daytime functioning?
  • What does recent brain imagery (fMRI’s) research on thinking and performance   prove that shows the need for maximum sleep each night?
  • How can you reduce travel fatigue?
  • What is the relationship between sleep and alcohol?
  • How can you increase your athletic performance overnight?
  • Do you need less sleep as you get older? 
  • Is napping healthy?
  • What causes insomnia? What are the most common sleep disorders?
  • How do you establish a great bedroom environment for maximum sleep quality?
  • What are the four golden rules and ten sleep strategies that will assure you  a great night's sleep?

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